In FUNERARIA CARRILLO, S.L., we ensure that activities, both those carried out directly by us and those performed through third parties, are aimed at protecting and upholding Fundamental Human Rights, as established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, the fundamental agreements of the International Labour Organization, and the Principles of the UN Global Compact. Similarly, we are committed to acting consistently with regulatory compliance, demonstrating zero tolerance for the commission of any offense.

The Code of Conduct aims to establish appropriate behavior for each individual and situation. As part of the measures to exercise due diligence and professional care, which corresponds to FUNERARIA CARRILLO, S.L., and in compliance with applicable regulations, an Information Channel has been designed. Its main purpose is the confidential, efficient, and prompt management of any incident related to the Code of Conduct, whether they are clarifying queries or communications about alleged violations of the mentioned Code of Conduct or internal rules or current legislation.

This Information Channel becomes one of the main sources of information for the prevention and detection of offenses, serving as a fundamental component in our Compliance System.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement in processes, the Information Channel will help us identify areas of improvement in our policies, procedures, and protocols to prevent and avoid future misconduct. Additionally, having an external-enabled tool ensures a higher level of transparency for FUNERARIA CARRILLO, S.L. with its related stakeholders.

Considering the sensitivity of the information sent, the initial communication management will be carried out by an independent external company (AFONSO & GONZÁLEZ ASESORES, S.L.), ensuring the treatment of communication and its confidentiality. Furthermore, care will be taken to prevent any form of retaliation or attempted retaliation against Informants who have made inquiries/communications about incidents, as well as to ensure the proper management of any potential conflict of interest.

This Information Channel allows you to send any completely confidential communication through the designed form. Additionally, it allows receiving inquiries about doubts that may arise in the application of FUNERARIA CARRILLO, S.L.'s internal rules and procedures.

The Information Channel will be available to all employees, clients, collaborators, suppliers, and third parties.

At FUNERARIA CARRILLO, S.L., we appreciate receiving any communication related to financial, accounting, commercial, or compliance misconduct that allows us to correct the issue and implement improvement measures.

What can be reported through the Information Channel?

The illicit or potentially illicit behaviors that can be reported through the Information Channel include, among others, in the following areas:
  • Public procurement.
  • Financial sector.
  • Prevention of money laundering or financing of terrorism. Conduct related to Money Laundering. Any action susceptible to being related to money laundering or that violates the regulations in this matter.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Consumer protection.
  • Privacy and personal data protection, and security of networks and information systems.
  • Financial interests of the Union and internal market.
  • Harassment: Any action of insistence on a person for something that is annoying or harmful to that person. It includes harassment in all its forms.
  • Fraud and corruption: Any action that involves any type of corruption, bribery, or fraud, giving or receiving gifts, favors, and attentions when it may affect objectivity or influence a commercial, professional, or administrative relationship.
  • Practice contrary to the Code of Conduct: Any behavior that goes against the commitments developed in the Code of Conduct, understanding any action that is contrary to honesty, responsibility, transparency, and commitment, without being unduly influenced by personal or third-party interests.
  • Safety and Health Risks: Any negligent attitude of a colleague, hierarchical superior, or FUNERARIA CARRILLO, S.L. itself that may endanger any person, whether an employee or a third party unrelated.
  • Misconduct: Any undesirable situation such as offering gifts to third parties to obtain business, violating any type of legal or internal regulations.
  • Respect and equal opportunities: Any action that involves any type of discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political opinions, nationality, social origin, disability, or any other personal, physical, or social condition.
  • Labor conflict.
  • Labor conditions.
  • Acts contrary to the integrity of FUNERARIA CARRILLO, S.L.
  • Heritage fraud.
  • Favoritism.